Are you in the right job, or should you be doing something else?

Having a job is a good thing, not only because you need to put food on your table and have money to spare. When you offer your skills and expertise for the growth and advancement of the organization or institution where you work, you feel satisfaction and pride on having contributed your quota to making things run smoothly. You are part of something good. However, you might be wondering whether you are in the right job. For you to decide if your job is the right one for you, there are certain things you need to consider. Sincerely self examine and provide honest answers to the following questions:

Do you feel that your job challenges you?
Do you shy away from challenging tasks or taking risks? Taking risks may be difficult if your organization punishes every little mistake made and doesn’t offer praise or incentives for thinking outside the box. Also, taking unnecessary risks is not wise and may even cost you your job, but refusing to take even minimum risks may be a sign that you are not where you should be. Some people take on tasks that don’t fully challenge them or even one that is not in line with their talents and skills. You should seriously consider doing something else if you don’t feel challenged and motivated to do your job.

Are you disconnected from your colleagues?
Your colleagues are an essential factor you also need to consider. Do you feel uncomfortable being around your colleagues? It may seem to you that your colleagues are all part of a group or a clique and you are the only one left out. Perhaps you have tried all you can to connect with them, but it doesn’t seem to be working. The fact that your colleagues all seem happy and content where you work doesn’t mean that you should be too; it may mean that you are not in the right place. You deserve to be where you would be happy and content also.

Do you find it challenging to be yourself?
A workplace where you thrive is one where you can be yourself, express yourself, and show how unique you indeed are. We all have lovely personalities, and it may take a while for some people to become comfortable enough to express themselves. When you are yourself, is the only way you can ever contribute your quota to your job. This doesn’t mean that you avoid work when you don’t feel like it, or you dress casually even when it is against the rules. It just means that you are comfortable in your skin and with the work that you do.

Do you dread going to work?
Do you hate it when the weekend is over and its Monday again? Of course, almost everyone cries “I hate Mondays” when it’s Monday, and they have to be at work. That’s not the same hate for you, though. You dread going to work. When you think about Mondays, you begin to have anxiety attacks, and your stomach becomes upset, it could be said that they are “butterflies” in your stomach. The other days of the week are no better, waking up every day to be at work on time is always a challenge, you arrive late to work most days, and you can’t wait for the closing time.

Are you the first to leave and the last one to arrive?
This may not mean that you are ever late to work; you may be keeping it close to being late. You feel no excitement about the work for the day and see no reason to be there early. You are always the first person to leave, except you are being delayed for some reason.Time does not fly for you, and you are often surprised when your colleagues exclaim in amazement at how fast the time flew because to you the hours were crawling by. You can’t wait to leave the office.

No job is stress-free, even doing what you love has its challenges, and some days are better than others. Work satisfaction should be among the first reasons you stay with your job. When you are in the right place doing what you are suited for, you enjoy your work. Deriving satisfaction and being proud of what you do to earn a living is an essential key to enjoying other facets of your life such as your social life, your relationships with family members and friends and maybe even your health. A lot of time and energy need to be devoted to doing your job, so if you don’t enjoy the work that you do, perhaps you should consider a career change.